Bäckerei Sorger


The Sorger bakery has been baking bread since 1688.

The joy of the craft has been passed down for generations and Sorger bread is a cult product in Graz and Styria.

In 2023, Sorger is embarking on a new project: toast. More precisely, lovingly handmade and high-quality bakery toast. We at Hartinger Consulting were not only responsible for the branding and packaging, but also designed and supported the campaign launch.


The Sorger bakery launched a toast bread, sliced and packaged, in three fine varieties: Wheat Sourdough Toast, Grain Toast and Buttermilk Honey Toast. The regional origin and positioning as a quality product are important.

Client: Sorger Brot
Services: Strategy, Design, Production
Link: www.sorgerbrot.at
Year: 2023


Baker’s Toast“: the name underlines the quality of the product. It is not just toast from the supermarket, but from fresh from the bakery. As with all other types of bread, bread from the baker simply tastes better. Associations with craftsmanship (handmade) and high quality are awakened.

To emphasize the three varieties of the new toast bread range, we use the product characteristics as names. On the one hand, the varieties are personified by their names and, on the other, they immediately evoke associations with the taste in the minds of the target group, making it easy to distinguish between the three varieties.

THE FLUFFY ONE: Wheat sourdough toast

THE KERNY ONE: Grain toast

THE SWEET ONE: Buttermilk honey toast


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