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Communication for more than 30 years. This is certainly something to be proud of, testifying not only to our extensive experience and stability, but also to our strategic thinking and vision. In advertising, it is vital to remain innovative and set the trends instead of just following them. This ability sets Hartinger Consulting apart as the perfect advertising agency for all your communication projects.

All our creative work is rooted south of Graz, in the beautiful region of southern Styria. Here you will find our advertising agency in the heart of the countryside: we have around 15 employees, most of whom are local but some also from Graz. The proficiency demonstrated by every single individual, our years of experience and the numerous awards received stand in testament to our competence – all coming together to make your project a success.

We see ourselves as a multi-channel agency, developing new strategies for your assignment and offering competence in online and offline media . Whether the task concerns brand positioning, re-branding, a new logo including corporate design, campaigns, PR or events, we are able to satisfy every client requirement. In the digital age, online media understandably take on vast significance. Your new website, all the way from concept to SEO optimisation to design, as well as successful email and social media marketing, are in safe hands with us.

Numerous clients from the greater Graz region and across Styria have relied on our expertise since 1983. As part of the dialogue* international network, we also go beyond European borders and are able to identify international trends very early on through synergies with agencies from all over the world.

But we don’t want to ramble on any further – simply take a look at OUR PROJECTS for yourself. After all, images speak considerably louder than words. Impressions of our projects can be seen in the video made to celebrate Hartinger Consulting’s 30-year anniversary, or under the projects on our website.


The wonderful people who work for us and with us .



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