Campaign 2022

Wo aus Wissen Können wird.
Turning knowledge into skills.
Where Hartinger Consulting is at work together with FH CAMPUS 02, the best ideas for successful campaigns are born. In this year's campaign, the Graz University of Applied Sciences positions itself as the "place to be" for students who want to turn their professional expertise into useful skills.


Campaign 2022

About the client

FH CAMPUS 02 is considered to be the university of applied sciences for business, located in Graz. Future experts in technology and business are trained there. Special attention is paid in the Styrian capital to quality and future-oriented teaching, as well as the strong link to the real economy, already during the studies.

The challenge

For this year’s campaign, the focus was to be placed on the unique selling points of the FH CAMPUS 02: the proximity to business, the high level of practical relevance in studies, and the campus as a feel-good place. In addition, it was important to create a universally applicable concept with both the visual language and the campaign slogan that could be broken down to all degree programs at FH CAMPUS 02.

The campaign

To meet these very requirements, we developed a campaign consisting of two central elements: a catchy slogan that is immediately associated with FH CAMPUS 02 and conveys the core messages, and an “eye-catching” visual language that visually clarifies the message.

Thanks to our partners for the successful cooperation:

Martin Gruja (Video)
Stefan Leitner (Photography)
Andrea Malessardi (H&M)
Adi Lozancic (Styling)
Flare Talents (Models)
KPTN Marketing (Social Media)

Hartinger Consulting was responsible for the conception, creative direction and design of all advertising materials for the campaign.

Client: FH CAMPUS 02
Services: Consulting, Design
Year: 2022/2023

Wo aus Wissen Können wird!
Turning knowledge into skills.

Turning knowledge into skills, i.e. real skills, is the USP of FH CAMPUS 02. The slogan puts the focus on practical relevance and makes the brand distance to other study institutions clear. On content and study program level, the main slogan can be individualized, for example to “Wo aus Technik Fortschritt wird” (Turning technology into progress) in the study program Automation Technology. One slogan, many possibilities.

Wrapped in yellow

In the visual language, we play with the color yellow – the corporate color of FH CAMPUS 02. For this, we immerse not only the main characters of the subjects in a fresh yellow, but also objects around them. The yellow objects fit seamlessly into their surroundings and become a symbol of the message that students and graduates of the FH CAMPUS 02 can be immediately integrated into professional life. Because knowledge has become ability.

A campaign that attracts attention both online and offline: be it through the campaign video, social media content, the landing page, advertisements and posters or even through the driving marketing measure of a bus banner. “Wo aus Wissen Können wird” thus becomes a symbol for FH CAMPUS 02.

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