Gesundheitsfonds Steiermark


The Styrian Health Fund is launching a fitness and health initiative for Styria in 2023/2024 together with the sports associations ASKÖ, ASVÖ and SPORTUNION. The aim is to increase and strengthen everyday physical activity among the Styrian population. We were commissioned with this project and were able to support it in terms of communication and public relations.


For this project, we developed a concept and corporate design, conceived the online and offline campaign, planned and implemented the website, prepared the social media presence and managed the kick-off event on June 29, 2023 at the Stadthalle in Graz, Styria.


Client: Gesundheitsfond Steiermark
Services: Strategy, Design, Production
Year: 2023/2024

How do you set a movement in motion? With a revolution, the movement revolution! Your time to stand up. The name and slogan alone are powerful and rousing. The concept makes it clear that even small steps can make a big difference and that collective change is fun.


„Die Bewegungsrevolution“ stands for itself.


A modern, sans serif font was chosen for the headline. As a contrast to the logo, handwritten lettering is used for the sub headline, which picks up on the character of a revolution through its texture.


More than just a logo.
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