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Values function like an inner compass. They provide direction, guide and help us to make clear decisions. With the value compass, we have created a value-adding New Year mailing as a thank you for our customers, partners and friends.

A valuable New Year's mailing

The values compass helps you to discover and define individual values. Whether for personal development, for positioning your company, for team building or for branding – the card set is versatile and flexible.

The high-quality and beautifully designed box contains 85 value cards with individual descriptions, synonyms and antonyms. Three decision cards serve as a basis for the selection and five blank cards can be used for very personal values. The values compass also contains a detailed description booklet that introduces the topic and contains ideas for the various possible applications for working with values.


Show what your brand stands for.
Together we develop your brand values as the basis for your brand strategy and positioning.

We are looking forward to your message.