Schelhammer Capital


The new campaign of the private bank Schelhammer Capital focuses on the most valuable asset - our time - and combines the art of private banking with extraordinary stories.

The Project

Following the merge of the two private banks Schelhammer & Schattera and Capital Bank to form Schelhammer Capital, a large-scale awareness campaign was to anchor the new brand in the minds of the target group. The primary target group is people who are currently customers of a retail bank but have private banking potential due to their wealth situation. We won the pitch with our campaign concept and were commissioned to implement the campaign.

Client: Schelhammer Capital
Services: Advise, Design, Produce
Year: 2023/2024


Thanks to our partners for the successful collaboration:

Ralph König / WILDUNDWUNDERBAR (Photography)
Gerd Tschebular (Video)
Lichtwerk Graz (Lighting)
Adi Lozancic (Production)

Hartinger Consulting was responsible for the creative concept, media strategy, creative direction and the design of all advertising materials for the campaign.

The Concept

Time is the most valuable thing we have. Schelhammer Capital invests a great deal of time in wealth advisory services, giving clients the freedom to invest their time in what is most important to them.

The Final Visuals

Strong personalities and their extraordinary hobbies immediately conjure up stories in the mind and show how dedication can turn every minute into "golden" time.

The Shoot

Behind the Scenes

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