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Brands & Brand Appearances

Corporate Design

No. A corporate design is not just a logo. And yes, we like to create corporate designs - but only sustainably. Not every zeitgeisty trend is suitable to be translated into a corporate design (which should be "timeless" in itself). And even if a design trend has established itself over two or three years, the crucial question is not "Do you like this or that?" but "Which is the right design concept for your company, with all its values, goals and unique characteristics?". Starting with brand or company values and based on an in-depth analysis of what is already there, we start our corporate design processes. "Good things take time" - and especially corporate designs have to become good. That's why you should take some time for such processes. After all, the result should - ideally - accompany you for the life of the company. That's why it's worth taking an extra round or two.

Multi-stage processes pay off

We understand CD developments as a constant approach to an ideal state. This ideal state is defined and precisely described in advance. In this way, we ensure a common understanding of what needs to be achieved right from the start. In this way, even in such a strategic process as corporate design development, we avoid suddenly taking into account a tasteful tendency that makes no contribution to achieving the strategic goal. This is said to have happened elsewhere. If this process approach to the creation of a corporate design comes close to your ideas, we are pleased. We are convinced that it is one of the best ways to create an image for your brand or company. Let’s talk about your ideas.

Digital turntables


A website: The set of pages behind an address on the World Wide Web. Site, because it is a digital place. And not homepage, because that's strictly speaking just the home page. You see, we take it precisely. And we understand websites as digital places. And you don't visit sites for no reason; when you're there, you want to be able to do something: To inform yourself, to entertain yourself, to consume or purchase something. That's exactly how it is on the Internet. When websites are designed this way, nothing can go wrong. Our web design processes start where a consistent planning and conception leaves off. Strictly oriented to the objective, we develop - together with you - the rough look & feel of your website. After that we deal with topics like inventory (all active or interactive elements of your website), content (all content like texts, images, videos, animations, files) and usability (the interaction of all visual elements, all content and all active or interactive components to a user-friendly interface). When all this is defined and designed, your website is "ready to move in" (that's what you would say for a house). But then the content is still missing.

Websites and content design. Logical friends.

Website designs are often followed by a content design process. How should images look like, how should videos be made, how do explanatory graphics look like and – last but not least – how do texts read and look like. Especially this last design step – towards the new website – often means blood, sweat & tears. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Web projects can be fun, enjoyable and satisfying. If they are well planned from start to finish and yet implemented as agilely as possible. If such a process sounds exciting for you and your company, let’s have a chat about how we can support you in such a website design project.

Storytelling as its best


For many, magazines are the supreme discipline of print design. For others - like us, who are not satisfied with the supreme discipline and would rather play in the imperator league - magazines are a wonderful opportunity. The chance to think from the idea to the concept to the design of the magazine. The chance to tell touching, informative or captivating stories in the best possible way. Such opportunities present themselves again and again and - contrary to all predictions - even more often than one would think. Why, when the death of "printed paper" has been proclaimed for the umpteenth time? Quite simply. Because in 2021, we should all finally be ready to understand that stories have to be told in a way that has an affinity with the target group, and that magazines always have to be conceived away from their potential content. And in 2021, this finally means: transmedia concept development is the order of the day.

Magazines are more than printed paper

Design and production are one thing. The content of magazines is the other. The most impressive design cannot develop its full potential if the content cannot keep up. That’s why our magazine design concepts always include the chapter on content design. As you can see, here too we aim to meet the highest standards. You like this approach to the magazine. Very nice. We would be happy to chat with you about this topic.

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