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Our consulting projects lead to different things:
Your digital home


At the beginning of such a consulting project, the core questions are: What should your website do? Who are your stakeholders? What structure should the site have, what content will lead to success? What is the right technological basis? Which strategy will bring your web project the necessary amount of visitors? What is the "necessary amount of traffic" anyway? How do we make sure that the right visitors are interested in your web presence and what effort does the sustainable operation of a web project entail?

Finding answers together

We answer these and many other questions, together with you – before designs are created, photos are taken, texts are written and lines of code are programmed. Working closely together, we ensure a robust development plan for your web project. This plan provides information on all the above issues and also gives you a clear perspective on your web project – well beyond creation and go live. Whether you then put this plan into action with or without us is up to you. However, we are also happy to advise you on the selection of suitable partners for the implementation or to actively assist you in doing so. Our approach to website relaunches is very similar. Here, too, you need a precise plan in advance, based on your goals, resources and existing assets. Because nothing is easier than screwing up a website relaunch. Since our approach to relaunches is just as responsible as our approach to new website development, we always apply: plan first.

You find this approach to website development or relaunch interesting? Fine. So do we. Let’s talk about whether and how we can support you in the conception and planning of your web project:

Your message, transported correctly


As we have known since Watzlawick: You can't not communicate. Everything your brand or company does and expresses, or doesn't do and express, is communication. Does your company have a plan for this? Are all the messages that your brand should "send" to be successful fixed? Does every team member know these messages and are you aware that every email, every phone call with customers, every photo, every line of text on your website, every company vehicle and every Christmas gift contributes to the overall communicative image of your brand? In communication consulting projects, we deal with such fundamental problems as well as with questions of brand consolidation, positioning or sales promotion. Classic campaigns - for companies or their products - also fall within the scope of communications consulting.

Goals, messages, measures & control

In consulting projects on the topic of communication, we define the goals of your communication together with you? What content needs to be conveyed and which messages are capable of achieving this? Who are the stakeholders of your communication and how do we reach these groups in a sustainable way? How and in which channels does the communication run and how is it already checked during your campaign whether the planned goals are achieved? Only when all these questions have been clarified is there a stable communications concept whose implementation can then begin. We are happy to support you in the implementation, but we are also available as a sparring partner. Just as you wish.

You find this approach to developing a communication campaign interesting? Fine. We have been convinced of this for years. Let’s talk about whether and how we can support you in the conception and planning of your campaign.

From initiating to selling


Since 2020 and the Covid 19 pandemic at the latest, many have become aware that the Internet is a relatively crisis-proof acquisition and above all sales channel. So do you want to establish a way of addressing customers that is as targeted as possible and avoids wastage? Or do you finally want to take the plunge and start selling on the Internet or digitally? Whatever your decision regarding your e-commerce activities, we will support you in conception and planning. Especially in this segment of web projects are very quickly made close wrong decisions. Mostly, due to a too inaccurate planning and conception phase. It is important to ask the right questions right from the start; and this is exactly what we are happy to help you with.

The goals in e-commerce define the measures

As mentioned above: Do you want to sell or initiate? Or do you even want to leave it open to your customers when and where to buy? Do you want to make your current sales more crisis-proof and efficient? Or have you determined that parts of your product range should be online sales after all? We examine and answer these and many other fundamental questions together with you. Only when all these questions have been answered can the concrete conception phase of an e-commerce (or if you don’t want to go directly transactional, we prefer to call it e-business) project begin. The result of our planning process is a roadmap that will lead your project (no matter with which additional partners) safely to its goal.

You find this approach to the development of an e-commerce or e-business project interesting? Very much so. We have been practicing a modular development approach for years and we are convinced of it. Let’s talk about if and how we can support you in the conception and planning of your project.

How prospects become fans

Branding and brand development

For years, we at Hartinger Consulting have believed in the unchanging great power of brands. Especially in times like these, credible brands are a guarantee for future success. However, we have also known (for years) that brand means effort. Consistency, diligence and commitment to one's own brand profile are necessary to sustainably become a strong, differentiating brand that attracts the right stakeholders and is therefore crisis-proof. Developing the necessary basic requirements for you and your company is one of our favorite tasks (if we may be so honest).

Uniqueness is possible

The good feeling that people have in their gut when they encounter their respective favorite brands; this feeling can be planned. But only if brands meet certain requirements. What these are and how to ensure that this is the case in the long term – that’s what we work on (among other things) in our brand development processes. Workshops and analysis or work phases alternate and, following a clearly defined timeline, always lead to the promised result: a brand guideline with which you can plan and implement the further, successful path of your brands. But we are also happy to support you in the implementation. Just as you wish.

You find this approach to the development of a crisis-proof and strong brand interesting? Well then. We are ready and willing to talk to you about brand principles and the possibilities as well as the results of our workshops and how they can contribute to your future success. Interested?

The thing with bubbles

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Xing. TikTok, Twitch or Clubhouse? And what do you actually get out of this social media? Besides less time for other things? And why does it cost money - the channels are free? And besides, aren't they just for teenagers and young professionals with an aversion to real life?

And what are these social media bubbles supposed to be?

We often hear questions like these. And some of them may be partially justified. But in fact, social media are the place where stakeholders, no matter what their level of influence, spend a good part of the day and sometimes even the night. You can have whatever personal opinion you want about this – but the fact remains. That’s why we have devised a structured consulting process to work with customers to arrive at a sustainable, fundamental strategy for dealing with social media. In a joint workshop, we clarify all the fundamental questions and points and define an implementable, brand-affine and goal-oriented strategy. We clarify the big questions: Who should you address? What is the right way to address a brand? Which channels fit the image, the product, but also the possibilities of the company? How do we measure success and what do we consider success in the first place? After a compact day and an exciting journey through the world of social media, all these questions have been answered and nothing stands in the way of successfully dealing with the phenomenon of social media. And that with the bubbles is then also clear.

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Consulting process

How we advise?

We rely on a "suitcase" of established and innovative measures and consulting methods, from which we tailor the right consulting process for you. Because every consulting project is individual.

Modular consulting projects

Our processes are based on modules – or we call them chapters. After each module or chapter of the consulting process, we summarize the results and findings to date. This means that you always benefit from consulting projects with us to the extent that is right for you. This gives you the full flexibility and freedom of decision to deepen a topic, skip a chapter or end a project at any time during a consulting process. Log-in effects are not our thing. And yours probably isn’t either!?

Intensive collaboration

Our “standard processes” in the area of “consulting” can be handled in the form of compact workshops or in the form of distance training (on the video platform of your choice). Basically, we prefer face-to-face workshops. There is simply no substitute for human energy in such projects. The duration of the projects depends on your individual task, the level of detail and the topic itself. You and your team are challenged in consulting projects. And really. After all, it’s about defining your goals, finding the right strategies and measures for your task, and translating all of this into actionable project plans that are on budget and on schedule. In this way, we ensure a clean transition from the phase of an idea or vision to a promising strategy, planning and implementation. This applies to brand presences or relaunches of brands as well as to e-commerce or website projects or their relaunches. Even in the classic planning of campaigns, we always proceed according to our tried and tested models.

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