Backen mit Christina

Advent Calendar 2020

"Pack, Bake Cake." For "Baking with Christina," we've come up with something special for the most wonderful time of the year. As we all know, baking is at its peak during Advent, and what better way to combine this activity with the exciting, daily surprises of an Advent calendar. This idea gave rise to a unique Advent calendar filled with regional products that can be reused by the customer.

Backen mit Christina

24 gifts - in 24 gifts

About the customer

Baking is not only her passion, but also part of her profession, because Christina is a true power woman. She is a farmer, a guest manager, an entrepreneur, an author, a baker and, by the way, one of the most successful food bloggers in the country. We are very proud to have been able to accompany the success story “Baking with Christina” for years.

The challenge

The biggest challenge of the first Advent calendar we had to produce for “Backen mit Christina” was the choice of materials and products. The advent calendar should contain very exclusive products as well as products that match the rest of the products – all this combined with a lovely breeze of “Backen mit Christina”.


In addition to regional content, we also wanted to produce a sustainable Advent calendar. This would make it an ideal addition to Christina Bauer’s product range. We therefore decided on a variant of packaging in which the packaging itself could be reused. This way, the calendar continues to bring great benefits to all customers even after the sensual Advent.


Client: Backen mit Christina
Services: Beraten, Gestalten
Link: www.backenmitchristina.at
Year: 2020
Backen mit Christina

24 gifts - in 24 gifts

The BMC Advent calendar, which was conceived, designed and produced by us, shows what creative, effective packaging can look like. The unique packaging was realized with Vorarlberg specialists. During the conception, the recycling idea was in the foreground for us. The 24 lovingly designed boxes can all be used individually as gift packaging. And the cardboard that serves as the frame of the calendar can also be recycled, for example, as a storage box for Christmas decorations. For the products themselves, we focused on regionality and realized the majority of them with regional specialists from our partner network. Recipe cards and tips from Christina, which were enclosed with the products, gave the calendar the personal touch so typical of “Baking with Christina”. For the design, the specially developed BMC color palette was used, which was extended by a soft green for the Advent calendar. Fine illustrations gave the product an exclusive feel – without appearing ostentatious or exaggerated. As a result, the Advent calendar fits perfectly into the range of BMC products and the corporate philosophy.


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