Gross Winery


Further developments in the Gross winery have always followed the company's own brand principles. The brand is noble, restrained, of high quality and elegant. It conveys a sense of noble understatement, both in its means of communication and in its product design. The atmosphere at the winery and the family also present themselves in this spirit: unexcited, open and honest, with high quality standards.

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Gross Winery

Brand profiling in "Styrian"

About the customer

Among wine connoisseurs, the Gross winery in Ratsch an der Weinstraße, thanks to its individuality, has been one of the renowned addresses in Styria for years. Alois Gross, owner of the winery, which is located in the picturesque wine-growing region of southern Styria, is one of the pioneers of Styrian quality viticulture.

The challenge

The big challenge was to transfer the traditional touch of the brand into a contemporary digital appearance. However, the brand’s online presence had to follow Gross’ classic brand communication in order to remain authentic. The task was therefore to combine the old and the new in an appealing way.


Based on the existing brand identity of the Gross winery, Hartinger Consulting developed a new web presence. The communicative goal was to make the brand “Gross” more present and better known. In addition, the website was to support sales in increasing bottle sales of the Jacobi series – the winery’s core product.


Client: Weingut Gross
Services: Beraten, Gestalten
Link: www.gross.at
Year: 2019
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Gross Winery

"Styrian" brand profiling

However, the new website we developed proves two things: Firstly, even a successful and established brand still has some potential for innovation. And secondly, the right communicative means lead to economic success without having to reinvent oneself. In functional terms, the new website should, on the one hand, intensify the communicative touchpoints with existing customers. On the other hand, a classic pull strategy should attract the attention of new customers. In order to ensure a credible brand presence, however, it was important to put competence before puffery. So we transferred the sales talks, just as they take place at the winery, into the digital world.

Good design – good usability
The new website proves that aesthetic web design does not necessarily have to be at the expense of usability. A clear page structure, unambiguous headings and a simple menu structure guide users through Gross’ digital “world of experience” in the sense of the customer journey, both on mobile and desktop versions. This impresses with atmospheric images, but also provides useful content with SEO relevance. The smooth transition between content and store fully corresponds to the consulting and wine experience at the winery and pays off on the multichannel experience.


Jacobi: “Lead pulls
The new online presence pays more attention to the “Jacobi Series” with its own menu item. The emphasis has demonstrably positive effects on the awareness as well as the bottle sales of Jakob, but also strengthens the awareness of the entire web presence of the winery.

First success story
After just a few weeks, the web analysis showed the first successes: Whereas the site had hardly any new hits in the past, the ratio between regular and new customers has now harmonized. First-time visits increased significantly. The average length of stay also increased. The site has become 500% more visible. The reason is the increased number of relevant search terms that have been integrated into the page. As a result, more pages can be found in the Google index.

In the age of digitalization, an integrated communication strategy must in any case include a contemporary web presence in order to distribute information as widely as possible and thus shape or strengthen the brand. If you would also like to use the potential of digital branding for brand profiling, we will be happy to assist you with our know-how.

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