Birgit Untermair

At The Beginning There Is The B.

Normally, Birgit Untermair helps her clients to get a fresh start in life, to make successful business decisions or to find a fresh zest for life. Now we were allowed to create a new logo and corporate design for the power woman and lady luck, because sometimes it takes a breath of fresh air to start a new chapter.

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Birgit Untermair

About the client

Birgit Untermair is a power woman and coach with over 30 years of experience. She accompanies and supports her clients lovingly, but with the necessary determination. If necessary, with a gentle kick in the butt. Through Birgit Untermair’s coaching, clients recognize and learn self-worth and self-care and can thus stand up for themselves, throw off old burdens and take the leap into a new life.

The challenge

In addition to implementing the shared vision, the requirement for a new logo design was very comprehensive. Along with this, we designed multiple versions of the logo so that any promotional materials, paraphernalia, and digital products could be sustainably showcased with the new design.


Birgit Untermair stands for competence, authenticity, freedom and strength. Our goal was to develop a logo and subsequently a corporate design that reveals all strengths at first glance and directly convinces customers.


Client: Birgit Untermair
Services: Beraten, Gestalten
Link: www.meetbirgituntermair.com
Year: 2020
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Birgit Untermair

The process for the redesign began with a joint workshop. In this step, the most important strengths of Birgit Untermair and her offered support services crystallized and the way for our further work was paved. Birgit stands for a new beginning, but also for the determination to implement it. These two elements are reflected in the new logo. Our vision: The radiantly uplifting woman jumping into a new life, who has freed herself from her old burdens and from drama, enters into symbiosis with the letter B. This is very serious in its shaping and stands for the professional and well-founded coaching of Birgit Untermair. The combination of letter and figure is also reminiscent of the initials in books and makes clear: If you want, a new chapter in your life begins with Birgit Untermair. It was a great concern for us to implement this personal and distinctive attitude of Birgit in the new logo graphically as well as in terms of content.


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