Backen mit Christina

Weekly Planner

Formulating a meal request ad hoc is not a simple matter and overwhelming for many. We are all familiar with the answers "I don't know" or "I don't care", even though we could think of countless dishes during the course of the day. To make sure that these food wishes are also heard, we have created something special: The weekly planner. Whenever the family comes up with ideas for a meal, we can take out the pen, write down the wish and at the same time write down the shopping list. Like a letter to the Christ Child - only more practical.

Backen mit Christina

Well planned is half cooked.

About the customer

Baking is not only her passion, but also part of her profession, because Christina is a true power woman. She is a farmer, a guest manager, an entrepreneur, an author, a baker and, by the way, one of the most successful food bloggers in the country. We are very proud to have been able to accompany the success story “Baking with Christina” for years.

The challenge

Useful tips and tricks from Christina Bauer, tear-off shopping lists and menu suggestions for re-cooking. All these elements are part of the weekly planner project. Our challenge was to create an appealing overall concept that both integrates with the existing corporate design and is intuitive to use on a daily basis. Packing the final product with a pinch of Christina was also part of our high quality and design standards.


The weekly planner is intended to provide inspiration for fresh daily cooking and to make the associated planning of purchases much easier. The individual weeks are clearly presented on one page for planning. Right next to it is a tear-off cheat sheet for shopping. Through a variety of valuable information from Christina around seasonal and regional fruits and vegetables, the weekly planner also pursues a very sustainable goal. This not only reduces daily stress, but also the burden on the environment.

Client: Backen mit Christina
Services: Beraten, Gestalten
Link: www.backenmitchristina.at
Year: 2020
Backen mit Christina

Well planned is half cooked.

The weekly planner is not only a useful tool for everyday life, a tool for stress prevention, but also gives a certain security. The security not to stand again without ideas haphazardly in the supermarket and not know which products should now end up in the cart. By planning meals in advance, you not only save money, but also prevent the unnecessary waste of food. Thus, there are not only more creative meals, but you can also save the environment. In addition to these advantages, the planner also convinces with a large amount of information about seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as some menu suggestions. This makes it possible to have a balanced and excellent diet even in weeks when you are short of ideas.


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