I say that because it is the easiest place where a finder can easily disappear with your documents and your money.

This summer, however, I discovered, despite my prejudices, that there are still good people.

I had indeed lost my wallet. I didn’t know if I had dropped it or if it had been taken. I went to the lost property office at the station and they knew nothing. Then I went to file a report to at least cancel the bank cards and documents and save myself any trouble.

After a few days, when I had already forgotten about it, they wrote me a letter from the lost property office telling me that they had my wallet. Someone had taken it there.

When I picked it up, to my surprise, I realised that neither the documents, nor the cards, nor the money had been taken! I saved myself a lot of paperwork, some money, and a lot of trouble.

Sometimes it takes something apparently bad to make you realise that there are still good people out there.


Pablo, 40

They still exist.

A few months ago, I left work rushed as usual, ran to a meeting, then to meet a client and then almost at night I arrived home, left my motorbike parked outside my house and in my haste and stress I left the keys in the ignition.


The next day, when I was about to go to the office and not finding the keys in their usual place, I took the emergency set, as I was late for work and could not keep looking for them. I went downstairs and the first thing I checked was that my bike was still in its place, but when I went to start it, a good Samaritan had left me a note that said: You left your keys in the ignition, I left them in the restaurant nearby.

That detail, of not taking my brilliant bike and removing them so that someone else would be tempted to steal it, made my day, my week and gave me hope again. Despite the state of the world, there are still good people.


Jaime, 47

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