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Each product is unique and individual, something that should be clearly reflected in the packaging. That is the vision of Cristallo, one of our long-term clients. In the packaging industry, however, there is one fundamental problem: particularly in the field of glass packaging, it is very difficult to meet these individual requirements. In the event that wishes can be fulfilled, special bottle shapes or particular client concepts can only be implemented in large quantities. This issue has been resolved thanks to the latest innovation by Cristallo. In just a few steps, individual bottles can be made to client requirements and even produced in small batches. Yet the question still remains: how do you advertise and communicate these advantages?

Cristallo Unico Logo


First of all, the “child” needs a name that will symbolise its individuality and uniqueness above all else. Cristallo UNICO fulfils this criterion and is also consistent with the tonality of Cristallo’s product lines thus far (Mio, Noblesse). A typography that highlights the design attributes as well as modern imagery with clean lines and a clear dynamic also characterised the debut of the new product. The product launch of Cristallo Unico was also accompanied by a rebranding; for reasons of content and time, the “Flaschencenter Süd” simply became “Cristallo” in order to achieve a uniform appearance and integrated communication strategy. The new brand also sought the possibility of international positioning. The mixture of campaign and communication activities was based on the strategy and focus on B2B marketing.

UNICO Flasche
Cristallo Referenzen


Awards: Green Panther (Gold), Summit Award (Gold)

To kick off the campaign, a “Bottle Light” sent to all Cristallo clients was intended to generate attention and curiosity towards the product innovations. So what is a “Bottle Light”? Well, it’s a printed bottle with an LED cork light, which can be recharged through a USB port. The direct printing on the glass combined with the light effect turn the product itself – an ordinary bottle from the Cristallo range – into a designer object. A very simple way to show how the Cristallo UNICO process creates the best out of every piece of glass packaging.

cristallo mailing karton
cristallo unico mailing woweffect
cristallo mailing flasche


Award: Green Panther (Gold)

In terms of offline communication, the traditional product catalogue, packed full of information and services, was replaced by a classic folder aimed purely at each respective range. This meant, for example, one folder on wine bottles for the winemakers, one folder on spirits bottles for the spirits manufacturers, etc. The advantage: only truly relevant content for clients. An elegant folder box provided a suitable frame, and the stylish packaging ensured a maximum of 6 different print works. Naturally, these offline folders connected to the online world by means of numerous tips and links. Videos and further product information make the information process a truly special experience in the world of Cristallo.

kein mainstream
unico folder

folder unico
Cristallo Glas, Folder, Print-Design


Happy customers supply authentic and reliable feedback on their experiences with Cristallo; how the latter was able to implement a long-planned project or resolve a particular issue, for example. Full-length interviews can be seen on the website, and of course for further reading – online as well as off.
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Awards: Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation (Kategorie: Beste Website), Green Panther (Gold)

The company’s online presence has been reworked from the ground up. The structure and design were arranged so as to acquire a clear positioning in a narrowing market segment, and to achieve a clear competitive advantage with regard to website performance. The existing content and its communication formed the basis for the overall structure and usability concept. Furthermore, we have also given the website a sophisticated design – adapted to the style and image of UNICO – in addition to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The results can be seen here: www.cristallo.at


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