Immediately after the outbreak of the war, it was clear that the people in Ukraine needed help.

There were no functioning logistics yet. So we had the idea that we would drive to the border ourselves and hand over relief supplies.

After only ten minutes on the phone, our van was full with donations from our customers – not with second-hand goods, but with emergency equipment worth over 40,000 EUR. After another ten minutes our team had formed, two drivers were found and the other cavalrymen took over the tasks of those who set off in the direction of Ukraine. With good will, even great distances can be overcome quickly.


Mark, 47
Die Kavallerie

"Laser for Peace."

A few years ago we bought a laser for the agency – that’s a machine that you can cut and engrave with. At some point, my three daughters (13, 10 and 7), along with friends, decided to inscribe jars, boards and wooden spoons and sell them to people who happen to pass by our garage.

The girls called extremely high prices. Still, after only a few hours, there was nothing left that could have been lasered. The kids were able to donate over 2,000.00 EUR to UN Refugee Aid. To see what is possible even for children when you get involved and to experience how people on the street show solidarity makes me feel pretty confident.


Bjørn, 48
Die Kavallerie

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